About us

Asian – Central-European Approaching Organization is officially registered in Hungary, which is a non-profit civil society, dedicated to strengthen social and cultural exchanges between Europe and Asia. The purpose is to promote the development of friendly relations and build a bridge of friendship for the peoples of Europe and Asia.

The association promotes exchange activities in the field of literature, arts, sports, education, economy, science and technology, journalism, mass communication, tourism and culture. Project organization forms are varied, including visits, investigations and exchanges, seminars, trainings, performances, exhibitions, shows, as well as professional discusses and trainings, and also non-specialized public exchanges.

The association set up a variety of collaborative relations in the local and the surrounding areas (Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia etc.) and the relevant (local) governments, cultural institutions, business organizations, exhibition agencies and natural persons.

The association is expected to play a more and more important role in the cultural exchange areas between Europe and Asia.